Culture Centre Villa Sachsen
Phone: +49-(0) 6721 - 9040
Fax: +49-(0) 6721 - 13001

From Autobahn A60 please take exit "Bingen Ost" to get there.
* From Autobahn A61: Please get on A60 towards Frankfurt at the "Nahetal" interchange and then get off at "Bingen Ost".

* From the South: From Autobahn A3 please get on the A67 towards Mainz at the "Mönchhof Dreieck" interchange. Please take the A60 towards Mainz at the "Rüsselsheimer Dreieck" interchange and get off at "Bingen Ost".

* From the North: From Autobahn A3 please get on the A66 towards Wiesbaden at the "Wiesbaden" interchange. At the "Schiersteiner Kreuz" interchange please take A643 towards Mainz, and at the "Mainzer Dreieck" interchange please take A60 towards Bingen. Get off at "Bingen Ost".
From the "Bingen Ost" exit:
Please follow the road (drive through traffic lights) towards Bingen-Kempten. You will reach the district Bingen-Kempten a few minutes later. The road you are on is called Mainzer-Strasse. On your left, you will pass a Shell gas station and on your right a bus stop. From this point, please follow Mainzer Strasse for about 800 m towards the City of Bingen. On your left, above the vineyards, you will see Villa Sachsen. Please drive towards Villa Sachsen and take a left at the main entrance. Follow the road until you get to the parking lot. 

Montag bis Sonntag von 9:00 bis 17:00 Uhr.

Mittwochs geschlossen.

Tag des offenen Denkmals 2018
Veranstaltungen 2017
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Villa Sachsen im Netz